Engineering & Remanufacturing


Most freight cars typically have a long useful service life with the current average age of the North American freight car fleet at around 20 years. The average age of the Class I Railroad car fleet is even greater at approximately 29 years.  Most freight cars can routinely expect 35 to 50 years of productive revenue service.

Most significantly, the utility of a 40 year-old freight car can be the same as a new freight car of the identical design and capacity. 

Accordingly, freight car engineering and remanufacturing are proven strategies for extending useful service life and adding value to otherwise worn out or obsolete assets.

Railroad Technology Corporation is the industry leader in value added freight car remanufacturing.   Since 1986, no other freight car lessor in North America has originated and completed more successful freight car remanufacturing projects than Railroad Technology Corporation.

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