AAR Class “A” 100-ton, 286K GRL paper service boxcars designed for dry, safe and efficient handling of finished forest products including corrugated cardboard and heavy paper rolls.



Cube Capacity 6,269 cubic feet
Maximum Gross Rail Load Pounds 286,000 lbs
Typical Light Weight Pounds 74,000 lbs
Estimated Useful Load Pounds 212,000lbs
Inside Length 50′ 6″
Width (Extreme) 10′ 8″
Height (Extreme) 16′ 11″
Length Over Couplers 58′ 4″
AAR Clearance Profile Plate “F”
Door Height X Width 12′ X 10′
Door Type Plug


**General car dimensions and car specifications are illustrative, for general information purposes only and many not be representative of actual car. Actual car design capacities and weights are subject to confirmation and may change without notice.