Heavy Capacity & Specialty Type Flat Cars

308-Ton Depressed Deck 12 Axle Flat Cars

Large Power Transformer (“LPT”) Logistics

12X FD Spec Sheet


Railroad Technology Corporation (“RRTX”) is North America’s leading supplier of specialty and heavy capacity type flat cars. The RRTX portfolio features 12 axle Depressed Deck (12X FD) flat car solutions ranging from 30’ to 34’ and 36’ deck lengths. The new RRTX 12X FD in 36’ deck length offers Large Power Transformer (“LPT”) shippers with the most cost-effective weight and load capacities (308 tons / 616,300 lbs.) of any 12-axle depressed deck car currently available. RRTX supports the secure operation of North American Grid with a full complement of heavy-duty flat car solutions.  For additional information, please telephone Bob Ness @ 415 515-2110.